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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Because she is patient and lovely

which is more than anyone can say about me!

The lovely Ms. Shawnee politely tagged me nearly a week ago. I did not ignore or forget her tag, even though it may appear to be the case.

Finally - here we go!
What comes to mind when you see the color orange?
Um, oranges?
Did you ever get in trouble while you were in school? If so, what was it for?
When I was in eighth grade, I was trying to be cool and said "hell" in front of a bunch of fourth graders. I got called down to the fourth grader teacher's classroom and was accused of saying "H-E-double toothpicks."
Which topping(s) make up your perfect pizza?
Is there any such thing as an imperfect pizza? I think not. Although, I do enjoy pineapple and banana peppers. But come on. That's like saying, "What types of bills make up your perfect million?" I'm not going to gripe if you give me hundred-dollar bills instead of thousand-dollar bills.
Do you believe in UFOs/aliens/etc.? Why or why not?
Well, yeah! If humans are it, the whole universe is kinda screwed, don't ya think? Somebody's gotta be smarter than we are!
What color is your bedspread/comforter/quilt?
Our duvet cover is cream, with white and dark beige leaves, from when I was going through a "Japanese decorating theme" phase. Side note: NEVER buy towels off the Internet, no matter HOW cool they look. Hello, sandpaper!!



Blogger Shawnee said...

Patient! Ha! Believe me, "patient" is not a word that would ever be used to describe me! (And at the rate I've been going lately, I don't think "lovely" has been used too often either!)

And after all that, you are going to want to smack me. I, um, sent you the wrong link. I meant to tag you for this:

Ooops. I can only claim sheer exhaustion &, of course, utter cluelessness. I really enjoyed your answers to the Feast though. Wow, we were both such rebels in school . . .

January 15, 2007 12:31 PM  
Blogger Samantha said...

Great meme!

January 16, 2007 10:08 AM  

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