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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Just a little scared

I received this e-mail from one of my new students yesterday:

Hi ms Teacher, this is Joey Blow from your 12:30 class.
i am really in hopes that this class will be very enlightening
as to our physical nature. i have a little brother that is getting
married soon, and this is my last semester here and i really
really want to have one last class with him before i leave here.
i know it is pretty full , but i was hoping you would have the grace to
give him permission to get in.
maybe some people dropped the class?
i am hoping to bring him tomorrow, is that OK?
his name is Moe. this would mean a lot to me.

* ~sieze the day} "be as a child" : free.-jesus

I am not scared about the last little e-mail tag. Okay - I'm scared, but I'm MORE scared about the "very enlightening as to our physical nature" comment. I was too afraid to e-mail the student back and ask what he meant, but . . . does he think there will be, um, demos of our "physical nature"? Let me be perfectly clear: No one gets naked in my class. The concept of "group work" would take on a whole different meaning, and I would be fired. And maybe arrested.


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