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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

A Very Good Day

Two things happened today that qualify this as "a very good day."

1.) The Good Grammar Costs Nothing t-shirt is back in stock at Hooray!

2.) Balloon, um, animals seem to be a recent recurring theme in my life. We rented The Wedding Crashers and my favorite part of the whole stupid movie was when Vince Vaughn's character made a giant bicycle out of balloons. Then, the very next night, my husband and I ran into one of his childhood friends. She has turned in her scissors and given up the life of a hairstylist to become a balloon . . . stylist? She makes balloon animals at kids' birthday parties and gets paid $80 an hour to do this. The very next morning I said to my advisor "*&^%$@! school. I'm going to make balloon animals for $80 an hour!" She advised me against this and reminded me that I am a.) too cynical, b.) too impatient, and c.) the kind of person who would probably have all the kids in tears within 5 minutes. Ah, yes. A bit problematic. But then, today - I was perusing the Jesus of the Week website when I came upon the ultimate in balloon art! I think it is the most beautiful and inspiring thing I have ever seen, and am seriously reconsidering my career choices. Peace.


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