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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Day of Evil

Don't start with me. I am in a seriously foul mood. I'm pretty sure it's hormonally induced, but yesterday my horoscope did say, "Patience is a virtue if ever there was one. Bear this in mind should the day's activities or others' reactions to them have you eyeing your hissy-fit boots as accessories to be worn with that outfit." I'm not sure I 100% get it, but I definitely am not known for my patience, and I do love the phrase "Hissy-fit boots." It almost made me wonder how many mood-clothing phrases I could come up with. My hubby already calls me "Sassy-sad-pants" sometimes, particularly when I'm pouting and scowling and skulking in the corner for no particular reason, which is probably his subtle way of saying, "You have serious PMS and you are fooling no one but yourself when you say you have a legitimate reason to be mad at the woman at Starbuck's because she gave you a 'bring-it-bitch' look when you tried to take the last wooden stirrer." This is how out-of-control-bitchy I am today. Something that would normally give me hours of entertainment - like coming up with the phrase "bitchy bonnet" - is now just irritating the crap out of me.

On a fun note, Big Gay Sam has already declared this a Day of Evil and has posted a hilarious rant about the new Barbies available in New Mexico. If I knew the landscape (socio-economic, not geographic) of NM better, I would be even more amused than I already am.

Even my OWN music is irritating me. I am trying to listen to one of my own CDs that for some reason inexplicably includes Destiny's Child's "Independent Woman." Was I serious!?!? What the f--- was I thinking? It is the fourth song I have listened to in the past minute and it is just as irritating as the previous three (why on earth I ever thought "I'm Free" by the Soup Dragons was a good song clearly indicates that I was experiencing some kind of drug-induced hallucination.) Okay, now we're onto the Cowboy Junkies' version of "Sweet Jane" and it is the first piece of music in 20 minutes that has not made me want to poke someone's eye out. Better. For now, at least.


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