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Monday, February 13, 2006

Ladies and Gentlemen, I Give You . . .

An e-mail from a college senior:

Hi, Mrs. Spell-Your-Name-Wrong,i have not been able to acess the guideive been reading, but i would really like the direction of the guide to help me, and it wont come up when i click on it in the web. there are all the chapter links but , this is not the guide tho, right?...if there's any way you can help that would be nice. im going to the library to see if someone at the ref. desk knows how to fix it. thanx ,sister with inappropriate brother who also loves Jesus. A lot.

Might I add the exam is tomorrow. In less than 24 hours. And the study guide has been posted in two different places for a week now. And her subject line reads: "am i the only one having trouble?" And the answer is: Yes, of course you are.


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