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Sunday, February 12, 2006


Here is one thing I thought I'd never do again: Buy clogs. Last night, good-husband-man took me shopping for jeans and shoes, as an anniversary present. This is indicative of his infinite patience, as I find jean shopping only slightly less humiliating than bathing suit shopping and just as frustrating. Then, after we found jeans that fit (and I wasn't too embarrassed to ask for; I mean, $178 jeans at Cache!? Even I can't justify a purchase like that. Plus, I'm not 22 and I don't live in California), we went to find new "If you just have to run out and get your husband a sandwich" shoes that would also complement my new jeans. His math/spatial awareness thing really came in handy, because I have been married to this man for almost 3 years and I never had any idea his shoe-shopping skills were so "fierce" - as Tyra Banks would say. We (or really, he) bought two pairs, both of them very clog-like in their presentation. Now here is a question and if I thought Amalah would get to my question (babies can be kind of time consuming you know), I would ask for her ass-vice: Exactly what sock does one wear with a clog? Does one wear a sock with a clog? It has been in the low 20s with an extremely brutal windchill, lately. The last time I wore clogs, I was 10, and I wore them with some stylin' white knee socks that also happened to have a sort of cable knit pattern. I don't think this is a good idea, but then I am new to the clog-renaissance, so maybe it is a good idea? What should I wear with my new clogs? (Style name: Furby.)



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